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Web Development • Product • Big Data • Mobile • Cloud & Elasticity

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The Old Reader


Owned, operated and designed by Levee Labs, The Old Reader offers the best of an old-school RSS reader with the best of social media. We support almost a million people who log in to get their news from us every day. Just type in the addresses of the sites you want to follow, and all your websites are delivered in one feed. No manipulative algorithms and no sharing of personal data. It’s that simple.



Chordant, a new platform that connects diverse devices, data and services for smart city technologies, came to Levee Labs in need of a website. After learning about the goals and objectives of the site, lead generation was a must. Our teams collaborated to design and develop a site that felt fresh, modern and approachable while focused on getting results. Because making frequent updates was essential, the site was built on AWS cloud based CMS.