Our Team

Levee Labs has a talented and experienced team of web designers and engineers. Our current design team includes members with 20+ years in web, infographics, and product interfaces.  Our engineers are passionate about the web and dedicated to building highly reliable and scalable applications.  Our areas of expertise are broad and include:

  • Amazon Web Services and cloud architecture
  • Ruby on Rails
  • NoSQL, Redis and MongoDB
  • RDBMS, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle
  • Data Mining Applications

Ben Wolf

Chief Architect

Ben Wolf is the founder and chief executive at Levee Labs. He has been an innovator and leader in web applications research and development for the past 15 years. Ben previously led R & D efforts for Hubbard One (later acquired by Thomson Reuters) and founded Nextpoint Labs, creating software platforms still widely used in the legal industry and earning multiple patents. When he read in 2013 that his favorite RSS app, the Old Reader, was going to shut down, he did what anyone might do, and bought the technology. The Old Reader now supports a half-million regular users. When he’s not building web, cloud, and big data products or fighting for an open Internet, he’s a drummer for a local alt country oufit and plays a nasty, old-school serve and volley tennis game.

Jorel Dray

Creative Director

Jorel Dray is Levee Labs’ Creative Director and also teaches graphic design, web design and animation at Madison College. He’s got more than 10 years of experience creating campaigns for clients like Culver's, Toppers Pizza, Nestle, Schneider Trucks, and Wollersheim Winery & Distillery in the ad agency world. He’s still a sucker for great ideas with beautiful executions regardless of the medium and has had his own work featured on thedieline.com, Comm Arts, and has won several international design awards. When he's not doing digital design, you’ll catch him unrhythmically stomping and clapping to music at venues like the Sh*tty Barn or drinking the latest craft-barrel-aged-something-something out of one of those fancy glasses. And yes, he is named after Superman's dad.

Rockwell Rice

Software Developer

Rockwell Rice is a developer based out of Madison, Wisconsin. He loves developing Cloud-based systems, preferably built with Ruby on Rails. In addition to web developer, he is also an experienced guitar instructor who dabbles in mandolin, ukulele, and music theory. (He’s got a Master’s Degree focused in Music Performance on Guitar from University of Wisconsin-Madison, so he’s no noob.) So ask him about Ruby on Rails, PHP, Laravel, Javascript, CSS, or Diatonic Chords in Natural or Melodic Minors. Or his rambunctious dogs, Gus and Mitch.